The Albert Hunt Trust continues to support charities that work to support those who are at risk of or are homeless and has awarded grants to Settle both last year and this year.

Settle is an award winning charity that supports young people moving into their first home. Their mission is to break the cycle of youth homelessness and empower young people to transition successfully to adulthood. They do this by equipping 18 – 25 year olds with the skills, knowledge and confidence to manage their money, home and wellbeing. They work in close partnership with social landlords and local authorities to deliver the Settle Programme across 19 London boroughs and the South East. Founded in 2015, they are proud that they’ve prevented more than 300 young people from being evicted and facing the devastating impacts of homelessness.

Settle has produced a film, following the journeys of 4 young people Settle has supported. The film is part of their Christmas campaign and can be viewed here. Over a series of photography days, workshops and film days 5 young people have co-produced the campaign content, particularly the film which was co-written by them and shows their brilliant ideas. 4 of them star in the film and 1 was involved in all production, as they are pursuing a career in film. All of these co-production activities were paid opportunities for young people to get involved in Settle and share their stories with supporters.