Unfortunately, not. You need to be a UK charity registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales, the Scottish Charity Register or the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland.

We have an open application process so do apply at any time. From a timing perspective, we endeavour to review applications each month so we therefore have a monthly cut off on the last working day.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss potential applications. However, before you do get in touch, please read our funding guidance. Our Grant Making Philosophy at The Albert Hunt Trust

Yes, if you have a reason i.e. your organisation is very young or very small.

We are committed to providing unrestricted core funding to  help with your general running costs for example towards your bills or rent and towards your overall salary bill but we will consider specific project costs if this is a current funding priority for you.

We have a straightforward online application form accessed via our website. We require a summary of your organisation and details of the funding you are applying for and why you need the funds. Please include your web address/Facebook link as we find this helpful when seeking further information. We do not need your annual accounts as we can access these online. We do request a recent signed bank statement to verify your banking details, and this can be uploaded as a pdf with the application.

The trustees aim to review the monthly batch of funding requests by the end of the following month and if successful a donation will be paid 2-3 weeks thereafter. You will be notified if you are unsuccessful.

You can apply again one year from the date of the last application submission. However, before doing so please contact us to check if you meet our current funding criteria. We do not want to waste your time.

You can apply again one year from the date of the last application submission.

Due to the volume of the awards we process, unfortunately we do not provide multi – year funding.

Generally, we do not attach any formal reporting requirements to our grants. If we do require a formal report we will communicate this to you directly when making an award.

Please do contact us if you need any assistance with the application or if you have any feedback on our application process that could lead to improvement. Similarly, if you have any complaints or concerns, please let us know.

We are committed to continue with our current grant making strategy for as long as possible. Beneficiaries, past and present, need to be aware that funding will come to an end but, in the meantime, should continue to apply in the usual way. We will update our website with any significant decisions around the funding criteria.